2020 AGM



“Achievement through conquest.” The shear determination in overcoming a physical challenge will build a person’s character and bring about a certain joy of achieving a task that seemed impossible in the first place.

The Penang Adventurers’ Club was founded on 24 April 1976 by a group of energetic and dynamic young men in Penang who shared a common interest in their love for nature, outdoor life, and adventure.

They had a dream to initiate a club where people from all walks of life can get together for fellowship and to plan outdoor activities for themselves and others.

The club was registered on 6 December 1979. It is a non profit organization which organizes recreational and leisure activities for members as well as the public. It also renders whatever services it can to the community for the betterment of society.

The formation of the club marked a significant development in the Municipal Youth Park, Penang. The club has organized successful projects such as the Round Island Walk, Children’s Adventure Camp, Youth Camp, Fun run, Lantern Night Festival, Hikathon, and etc.

Welcome to the adventure!